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You & the Horrors of Menopause

Brain - headaches, mood swings, depression, memory loss, ultimately Alzheimer's Disease. Skin - Hot Flashes, profuse sweating, cold and clammy, wrinkles, dry & thin skin, facial hair, loss of hair.
Heart & Blood Vessels - Heart disease, Higher cholesterol, stroke, Thromboembolism, Heart palpitations.
Bone - 20% bone loss, calcium loss, Increase fractures of spine and pelvis, 20% die after fractures. Breasts - Atrophy of gland tissues, shrinking of the breast, sagging & loss of shape.
Emotional - Depression, Fear, Phobia & anxiety Kidneys - Decreased re-absorption of minerals, increased water retention.
Intestinal - Decreased absorption of calcium, and Crucial micronutrients & minerals. Body Shape - Increased abdominal fat, Fat accumulation around pelvis, Hunch back, Increased fracture of spine.
General - Severe Fatigue, no energy, insomnia. Urogential - Period stop, loss of libido, vaginal atrophy, dryness, painful intercourse, bladder infections.


Fact #1: - A woman's body makes dozens of estrogen. But there are three important types:

Estrone, Estradiol, and Estriol.

Fact #2: - All types of estrogen serve a purpose however the Best is ESTRIOL.
Fact #3: - Women with breast Cancer has low Estriol and high of the bad kinds: (Estradiol & Estrone)
Fact #4: - The balance of the three major estrogens is healthy and cancer free women should contain the highest level of Estriol.


During menopause, women have an abnormal Hypothalamus - Pituitary - Ovary Axis (HPO) in the brain, the Hypothalamus sends signals to the Pituitary glands (MASTER GLAND) to produce key hormones which in turn send signals to all the other glands to make more hormones. This is the central command station, sort of a complex switch board that keeps our hormones and sexual functions healthy.

Pituitary Hormone - master glands

* Increase surges of luteinizing hormone - causes hot flashes, severe sweating - their primary function is to cool you off.

* Tired and aging ovaries and adrenal glands cause a steady decrease in estrogen and decrease in progesterone.

* By age 70 you will have lost 90% of your female hormones.

* Hormonal depletions and imbalances will be ultimately responsible for severe diseases and their symptoms. (e.g. Cancer of the breast, osteoporosis, etc.)


Also called Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT), this is vastly accepted and practiced by physicians. Millions of American women who take Premarin (45 million prescriptions) and PremPro (20 million prescriptions) are getting a whole lot of estrogen - mostly the "BAD" (Estradiol) kind and not much (if any) of "GOOD" Estriol.


Did you know what PREMARIN (1942) is the short name for? Pregnant Mare! Yes, that's right.
It's concentrated Horse Urine!  Did your doctor tell you that?

Maybe your doctor also forgot to tell you about our bio-identical phyto-hormones which are available to you now which Are much less toxic and they are natural!


Dr. Steven Deitelzweig, internist,
Medical Director Center for Thrombosis Education and research, New Orleans.
"The higher the dose of estrogen, the higher the risk to clots in the veins."

New England Journal of Medicine 1975. (2 Studies)
"Women taking menopausal estrogen had 4 times or greater risk of developing endometrial cancer than those who did not. Women who used the drugs for 7 years or more had nearly 14 times greater chance (1400%) of endometrial cancer."

National Cancer Databank-
Middle age women between 1969-1973 incidence of endometrial cancer rose by 150%

New England Journal of Medicine - Frammgham heart study
"Showed women on Estrogen Replacement Therapy actually had 50% higher coronary risk and 100% as many strokes, blood clots and related problems."

National Cancer Institute - 1989 study
23,000 Swedish women on Hormone Replacement Therapy, the estrogen increased not only breast cancer, but also increased overall cancer incidence.

This research is really surprising:
Dr. Deborah Grady Women's Health Research Center; Wyeth sponsored Heart and Estrogen/Progesterone Replacement study (HERS) 4-year study, double blind A&B. One group experienced significantly more heart attacks, blood clots, and pulmonary embolism than other. The sponsors got
REALLY excited and hurried the Board to unmask the Data. Dr. Grady said, "Where they thought the group had a lower rate of heart events would be the HORMONE group - surprise! It was the placebo group. "We were dumbfounded", said Dr. Grady. Continuing the trial it showed increase in blood clots and gallbladder disease, it had a 50% greater heart disease.

Beyond the above side effects encountered in conventional ERT, let me list a few more of them: Severe bleeding, weight gain, hypertension, increase incidence of cancer of the breast, uterus, liver, gallbladder diseases, increase incidence of heart diseases and Thromboembolism.


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