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- 3 Crucial Steps -
Total body and Holistic approach
of Menopause Specialist

Step # 1 The answer is to use Bio-equivalent phyto-estrogen, a natural plant that is chemically and structurally similar but a weaker version full of good Estriol.

Isoflavones - Yes, it is the concentrated active ingredient of soy, most of you heard about it.

Published Research on Isoflavones

  • Dr. McKenna 2001 - Using Isoflavones concentrate, he found Positive treatment for menopause and symptoms of PMS, it was shown to be safe, with low toxicity, and good tolerance.

  • Dr. Xu 2000 Cancer Epidemiology - Shows the Isoflavones decreases risk of breast cancer, increased protection to bone loss by reducing calcium loss in research animals models.

Red Clover has active Genistein and Daidzen, also provides 18 amino acids important in protein metabolism, research shows good for heart disease, decrease cholesterol, decrease cancer risk in colons and breast by blocking estrogenic cells.



Black Cohosh is very well researched, lots of clinical study. It is approved by the European German E (European FDA) and US: Pharmacopoeia 1928.

Published Research on Black Cohosh

  • Dr. Lieberman 1998 - Shown Black Cohosh is effective against Menopause and safe.

  • Dr. Lehmann 1988 - 80% women using Black Cohosh had improvement of symptoms of Menopause and PMS.

  • Dr. Ducker 1991 - Proved that Black Cohosh stabilizes the luteinizing hormone and improved the symptoms in menopause....

Step # 2 Phyto-progesterone: The progesterone, the forgotten hormone is made by the ovary after ovulation, among other sources a Natural health practitioner calls the symptoms estrogen dominance because the progesterone drops even more severe than estrogen, and the theory is that progesterone is the replacement hormone of choice.

Chaste tree - Vitex Agnus - This bush comes from the Mediterranean, it restores and balances reproductive hormones - works primarily on pituitary to send messages to ovary to increase progesterone.

Published Research on Chaste tree

  • Dr. Veal 1998 - Oral Chaste tree study shows hormones imbalance was restored in menopause patients.

  • Dr. Halaskun 1998 - Clinical relief of menstrual and breast pain when patients take Chaste tree treatment.

  • Dr. Amann 1979 - Used Chaste tree for relief of menstrual water retention.

  • A large 1500 Patient on Chaste tree clinical study for 5 month study, showed 35% of patients had total menopause relief with no symptoms at all and 90% of all patients had improvement of symptoms from menopause.

Wild Yam - Another source of phyto-progesterone equivalent. A native vine from Mexico, we use only the root for its anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-uterine cramps, anti-ovarian pain, for P.M.S. relief and for menstrual. It acts by binding up the estrogen sites.




Step # 3 Balancing vital organs means strengthening the kidneys, adrenals, ovaries, and the blood which carry hormones and all fluids. The first ingredient:

DONG QUAI - Angelica Sinensis - comes from the carrot family known in Asia as the female tonic, smooth muscle relaxant, helps convert all androsterones to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the liver.

Published Research on Dong Quai

  • Dr. Osaka 1990 - Dong Quai research shown clinical smooth muscle relaxation which improves blood flow by opening blood vessels for better hormone distribution, ovaries and uterine pain is also relieved. Vasomotor Relaxation also relieves sweating and heat to cold and chills. Positive changes on the skin and blood vessels.

  • Dr. He et al 1986 - Research showing patients taking Dong Quai was able to regulate menstrual abnormality and relief of symptoms of PMS.

PANAX GINSENG - A root prized for centuries, the most used herb in the world. Tonify, vigor,  health, longevity, anti-fatigue, increased libido, strengthen immunity, and retard the aging process.



FENUGREEK & FENNEL - Help to improve Blood pressure, heart rate (palpitation), breathing, muscle spasms, and of course, it is a SUGAR STABILIZER - affects the cause of the erratic symptoms of menopause. It was found that Egyptian women used Fenugreek for PMS. Hypocrites (the father of modern medicine) had a high regard for Fenugreek in maintaining body homeostasis (wellness) and knew it to promote easier child birth.

Published Research on Fenugreek

  • Dr. Albert-Puleo 1980 - Research showed Fenugreek able to assist in development of breast tissue and increases in libido due to active substances called ANATHOLE.


Menopause Facts Your Doctor Won't Tell You!

Fact # 1 - During Menopause, hot flashes and mood swings are caused by imbalance of estrogen hormone.
Solution - The right proportion ratio of phyto-progesterone and estrogen plant steroids may calm these distressful symptoms.*
Fact # 2 - Estrogen imbalance and synthetic hormones intracellular sodium and water uptake, resulting in weight increase and hypertension during menopause.*
Solution - Phyto-esterols progesterone from chaste tree, wild yam, fenugreek extract, and fennel seeds. Phyto-progesterone may act as a diuretic which prevents the cell's uptake of sodium and water. Therefore, it may prevent hypertension and weight gain.*
Fact # 3 - Estrogen imbalance and synthetic hormones impairs homeostatic control of glucose levels and insulin receptors.
Solution - Natural phyto-progesterone sources may stabilize glucose and is very beneficial to those with hyperglycemia or reactive hypoglycemia.*
Fact # 4 - Hormone depletion during menopause causes thinning of the hair and wrinkle of the skin.
Solution - A wonderful complement of balanced phyto-estrogen and phyto-progesterone may assist in reinvigorating the collagen and protein synthesis to help re-establish hair and skin normal growth, with the addition of hydrating the skin for intrinsic moisture content.*
Fact # 5 - Menopause hormone depletion causes diminish sex drive and loss of libido.
Solution - According to Dr. John R. Lee M.D. in his book entitled Slowing the Aging Process with natural Progesterone, the phyto-progesterone may be responsible for increasing sex drive and enhancing the libido during menopause.*
Fact # 6 - Hormone imbalances cause osteoporosis and calcium loss up to 20% in the first few years.
Solution - These bone loss symptoms are caused by estrogen imbalances during menopause. Balanced functional ratio of phyto-progesterone with Phyto-estrogen may help bone strength.*
Fact # 7 - Most of menopause supplement available on the market as well as physician hormone, replacement therapy are "Estrogen Dominated", which causes many negative side effects. I.e. Brain, nerve cells and hypothyroid.
Solution - A balanced ratio approach of phyto-progesterone and phyto-estrogen is a positive constructive process that may protect the healthy brain cells, healthy development of the myelin sheath, which covers the nerve cells and promotes normal conversions of T4 and T3 for optimum of thyroid.*
Fact # 8 - At menopause, women loose breast tissue and start sagging, may cause them to feel insecure about the way they look now.
Solution - The natural phyto-esterol of special wild yam, fenugreek and fennel seed may support healthy breast tissue and natural contour.*
Fact # 9 - Several long term clinical studies, Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy carried as high as 1400% greater chance of cervical, 100% greater chance of strokes and blood clots, 50% higher rate of coronary heart disease.
Solution - Natural phyto-estrogen and phyto-progesterone carries good bioactive identical hormones that are more natural and compatible to a woman's body.
Fact # 10 - After the menopause, the body continues to age even faster and deteriorate due to severe lack of vital hormones.
Solution - Supplementary bio-equivalent of phyto-estrogen and phyto-progesterone may slow down the ravageous of aging and helping to maintain healthy body tissues, slowing down degeneration of bone, joints, genital, wrinkles, hair loss, and in general giving you a new zest of life.


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