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By: Bob Flowers, Science Reporter

Eliminate Prostate Problems Now!

I am rushing this Special Research Report to you for immediate release.  The information in it may be life saving and very important.  What I am writing about is Enlarged Prostate or what your doctor would diagnose as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH).  Men will not usually discuss these private and personal problems in public. Instead, they live with their misery and are often too embarrassed to seek help – men hate to go see doctors.! 


Dr. Tai's PROSTATE FORMULA, herbal prostate medicineDr. Tai is a a physician specializing in Podiatric Medicine and Board certified surgeon (RET) on surgical staff at Oakwood Medical Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.   Dr. Tai has also served under two Michigan State Governors over the past ten years.  He has been recognized with a Vice Chairman’s position on the Michigan Board of Podiatric Medical Licensing and as Chief Examiner for all new Podiatric physicians.  Dr. Tai also served as head of Surgical Residencies overseeing all hospitals and clinics in the state of Michigan.  In his various capacities, Dr. Tai has helped promulgate the rules applied by the Michigan Medical Act, has served as Chairman of the Podiatric Physicians Continuing Education and has served as the Chief Compliance Officer for the State of Michigan, supervising doctors in his specialty.

A tireless researcher, teacher, and lecturer, Dr. Tai also is an accomplished inventor with eight patents already granted and several more in process.  Dr. Tai has helped thousands of patients and consulted with countless doctors on difficult clinical cases all over the world. 

A widely acclaimed formulator of extraordinary natural supplementary products, his breakthrough technologies have been featured in such renowned medical newsletters as Women’s Health and positively reviewed by the Health Science Institute in special reports distributed worldwide. 

A serial entrepreneur, Dr. Tai sits on the boards of countless public companies which are listed on The NASDAQ, The Toronto Stock Exchange, and The Vancouver Stock Exchange.  He is known as a rare combination of success, creativity, and clinical acumen. 

 Dr. Tai is surely a modern “Renaissance Man.”

If you suffer from:

ü    Painful or frequent urination

ü    Frequent urges, starting and stopping, low volume

ü    Inability to begin urinary flow – dribbling and dripping, underwear stain

ü    Incomplete emptying of the bladder

ü    Multiple nocturnal urination

ü    Severe pain in your pelvis

ü    Painful ejaculation

ü    Inflamed prostate

ü    Impotence


Don’t choose to end up in the Hospital
Choose instead this Easy, Safe, and Natural Solution.
Use the“Prostate Specialist”.

Learn more about & try the Prostate-Specialist for herbal healing. A herbal prostatic medication for enlarged prostate disorder, prostatic bph disorder. Treat the prostate dysfunction and bph disorder. An herbal prostatic/prostate therapy & prostate treatment for all the symptoms and problems stated above! The Natural & Safe way to STOP Prostate Problems NOW!


Conventional Treatment Side Effects
Oral RX  Proscar  Loss of libido, impotence.
ChemotherapyUsual hair loss, anemia, vomiting etc.
Radiation   Can’t control burn, cooks everything.
Surgery   35% have problems, rectal tear, incontinence.

  2% Death

20% More surgeries

5% Impotence

8% Re-hospitalization

35% Total side effects

So what can the other 35% look forward to ?  NO erections ever ?
Wearing giant diapers ?    Or more surgery ?
What is the answer, to just live with this condition ?

So what’s the answer?



This is a NEW!  SAFE! and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, Natural compound that give SIGNIFICANT RELIEF!  And most important, you can have it RIGHT NOW!

No drugs - No side effects - No surgery! Period!


I am going to share with you exciting new health breakthroughs that use natural secret ingredients which other people either, don’t know about, don’t have, or won’t tell you about.  I will show you research that can save your prostate and perhaps save your life.  You will learn how to put an end to the needless suffering of pain, how to shrink your swollen prostate gland, how to end the embarrassment, end the anxiety and fear of prostate cancer, and most importantly for those of you  younger men – you will learn the importance of starting early and preventing this nightmare.



Your prostate is a walnut size gland shaped like a doughnut, weighing about an ounce.  Thru the center hole of the doughnut passes your urethra.  This is the tube that empties the bladder.


So what is the Pathology?  What is going wrong?  Well, the problem is that your prostate gland can begin to swell both outward and inward.  It can grow in size and eventually develop a condition which is called, “Benign Prostate Hypertrophy” when it is non-malignant, and then is simply called Prostate Cancer when it turns malignant.

As the prostate gland grows it causes several definite problems. 

The 1st  problem: the enlarged prostate pushes against the bladder, causing severe pain. 

The 2nd  problem: Commonly, as your prostate enlarges, it begins to close the urinary tract (the small tube through which urine passes), squeezes it shut, and restricts the flow of urine.  You can’t urinate, you start and stop a lot, you dribble, your urination is very uncomfortable, it’s even painful, and it leads to: 

The 3rd  problem:  Your bladder is unable to completely empty.  It stays full of urine, causing irritation and inflammation of the lining of the bladder wall.  No wonder you have to get up several times at night, urinate frequently and with more pain.  Now, from here it really goes downhill fast and furiously.   For the unlucky, this will eventually develop into cancer.  Remember, up to 75%  of all men over 75 years old develop cancer.  Regardless, the swelling continues, your pain becomes ever more severe.  Even worse, it may be the silent  kind with no symptoms, but the cells in the prostate are cancerous and deadly.  By the time you experience any symptoms it is too late.  It becomes what doctors call metastasized CA.  The cancerous cells have spread all over the body, spreading cancer to other organs and into your bones.  A brutally painful death may become imminent.


In America 30 Million men suffer from (BPH) Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

When you are 40 years old, 50% men will have symptoms

When you are 50 years old 75% men will suffer from B.H.P.

Attention:       Always seek medical advice from your qualified physician for proper diagnosis and help.  This should include a digital rectal examination with prostate screening for cancer.



Ø      3,000,000 Americans with Cancer

Ø      250,000 new Cancer diagnoses in 2002

Ø      Of those over 75 years old - 75% have cancer

Ø      Prostate Cancer Kills 50,000 Americans Every Year

Ø      One American man is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer every 2 minutes in the United States

Ø      One American man DIES of Prostate Cancer every 11 minutes in the United States


Cancer Development Phases

Growth Phase I:            Seeding phase- in the early years, perhaps even in your early 20’s is when some of the cells become DNA damaged and are  dormant and waiting.

Growth Phase II:          Development phase – early 30’s and 40’s body allows necessary ingredients (environment for CA) the PH and lack of oxygenation.

Growth Phase III:         Maturation phase – full symptoms, and CA establishment.

Growth Phase IV:         Spreading phase – metastasis – Terminating in death. 

PROSTATE CANCER – Famous for being the “Silent Killer”. Killing 1 out of 6 men.  Don’t let it strike you!

So what makes the prostate cells go berserk?

 Early Research lead doctors to blame the male hormone Testosterone:

1.      Testosterone?   No, not really – why?  Here is the logic.  Because BPH and Prostate CA occurs more as we get older. Fact: Testosterone decreases as we get older.  It doesn’t compute does it?  So what’s happening?  Currently, Researchers think that the bad guy is really DHT  or Dihydrotestosterone.  Testosterone, however, can convert to DHT using an enzyme called Alpha Reductase. 


Ø    Frequent Humiliation             Frequent Painful Symptoms

Ø    Frequent Embarrassment     Even Death       

Scientific Research Publications Confirm Ingredients of Prostate Specialist:



Is a standardized combination of plant phytosterols found in vegetables and herbs.

  • Dr. Klippel et al, University Dresden, Germany
    This double blind study involving 177 men with BPH ran for 6 months, quite a substantial research with 32 references concluded “ These results show that Beta Sitosterol is an effective option in the treatment of BPH” . Brit.J. Urol 1997 Sept. ’80: 427-32
  • Dr. Bernges et al, University of Bochum, Germany
    This large double blind 200 men 1 year study said “significant improvement and urinary flow parameters show effectiveness of Beta Sitosterol in BPH” By far one of the BEST research published.   Lancet 1995 Jun 17. 354 1929-32.
  • Veterans Hospital of Minneapolis, USA
    Reviewed 30 years and 32 researches concluded that beta Sitosterol “The greatest efficacy among phyto therapeutic substances” and “Beta Sitosterol improves urological symptoms and flow measures” A MOST IMPRESSIVE REVIEW.

    B.  ZINC

    This is a crucial and vital micronutrient for a healthy prostate, because zinc has its highest concentration in the prostate on human being. And yet our diet is sorely deficient in zinc, causing terrible tissue damage to the prostate,  It has been widely studied and published research in Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, and Kliniche Endokninologya (Germany).

  • Dr. Chang G.T. et al  “Characterization of a zinc funger protein and its association with Apoptosis in prostate cancer cell”.  J. Nati Lancer list Sept 6, 92:1414-21.  Showing zinc and protein effect on prostate cancer cell natural death.



    A special catechin compound bio-active called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG for short) has been found to be a new herbal polyphenol extract breakthru, there is a  great deal of interest at the present time in the medical research community.

  • Dr. Pashce et al “Induction of Apoptosis in prostate cancer by green tea ECGC” .  Cancer letter 1998:130:1-7
  • Dr. Hilpakka R.A. et al “Structure Activity Relationship for inhibition of human 5- alpha- Reductase by polyphenol”
  • Biochem Pharmacol 2002 Mar 15; 63:1165-76

  • Dr. Gupta S. “Inhibitation of prostate carcinogenesis in TRAMP mice by oral infusion of green tea polyphenols”
    Proc Nat’l Acad. Science USA 2001 Aug 28:98:10350-5
  • Dr. Lyn-Cook B.D. “Chemo preventive effect of tea extract and various components on human pancreatic and prostate tumor cell in vitro” Nutr. Cancer 1999; 35:80-6


    Known by it’s Latin name (Serenoa Repens) is a  small palm tree native to Florida.  The fruits and berries were eaten by the Seminole Indians and have been used since 1800’s by physicians to treat various kinds of urinary problems.

  • Dr. Mark L.S. “Tissue effects of Saw Palmetto and Finasteride:  Use of Biopsy cones for in situ Quantification of Prostatic Androgen”
    J. Urology 2001; 57:999-1005.
    This study showed a double blind clinical result of men taking Saw Palmetto had 32% less DHT- a hormone associated with BPH- in 6 months treatment concluding that Saw Palmetto may be an effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of BPH said Dr. Marks director of Urological Sciences Research Foundation.  This is a very important study, said Dr. Blumenthal , founder of American Botanical Council, a non profit organization.
  • Dr. Wilt T.J. et al, Saw Palmetto extract for treatment of benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A systemic Review. JAMA 1998:280 (18):1604-1609
    This study reviewed all 18 clinical studies 2939 men and researches concluded that it was SAFE AND EFFECTIVE in treating BPH.  It indeed had basis for success in these studies with decreased urinary symptoms and improved in urinary flow.



    Now, what if there was a breakthrough in tomorrow’s science.  What if you could prevent prostate cancer, or at least lower your chances of getting prostate cancer?  Would you want to have that protection?  Would you take advantage of it?  Would you start today if you could?  Well, that scientific breakthrough of tomorrow is already here today and you can have it – TODAY                                                                                  

    What if we were able to pinpoint to an enzyme that is a fundamental nutrient for the growth of prostate cancer cells?  Let me ask you another question; what if we could stop that crucial enzyme from being manufactured by the body that is essential to feed those cancer cells (a malignant rabbit)? In other words, if we were able to take away the essential carrot that feeds the malignant rabbit.  Would you think that is a significant breakthrough to protect and prevent you from possibly getting that deadly disease prostate cancer? Would you like to know more about it?  So listen up and let me tell you more about it. 

    Here is the GOOD NEWS!

     Our bodies produce and process a variety of enzymes and chemicals for optimum health.  Herein lies the secret we have found, that a particular enzyme called HETE, without which the cancer cells in the prostate cannot survive.  Simply put, HETE is the only essential food that prostate cancer cells eat – it sort of like finding the “essential carrot” for the “malignant rabbits” that want to kill you.  So, the next question is how can we prevent HETE?  Our research shows that an enzyme 5 LO (lypo oxygenase) makes HETE.  Here is the GREAT NEWS in a nutshell.


    No 5-lypo oxygenase = no HETE = no prostate cancer.


    Published Medical Journal Research:

    1. Dr Gosh J (Univ Virginia Cancer Ctr)  Dr. Herzenber LA (Stanford Univ. Med School) Inhibition of arachidonic 5-Lypoxygenese triggers massive apoptosis (Cellular Death - Ed.) in human prostate cancer cells.  Proc Nat’l Acad Sci USA 1998 October 27; 95 (22) 13182-13187

    2. This report said that inhibition of 5 LO completely blocks 5 HETE production and induces massive cancer cell death to hormone responsive as well as hormone non responsive human prostate cancer cells.  It continues “the critical role of 5 LO in prostate cancer cell life”. Dr. Zhang confirmed the study at Nat’l Acad Sci 1992, Dr. Stockton et al also confirmed likewise on Mol Bio/Cell 2001.

    Isn’t this new information breakthrough great?  Now we know how to stop prostate cancer cell from growing!

    This is a wonderful journey from theory to helping humanity and today more specifically helping you and your loved ones.

    So how can we use all these information?  Our research has shown and we have identified several potent 5 LO inhibitor which we are going to teach you here.


    Mother Nature Fights Prostate Cancer

    E.  BOSWELLIA SERRATA - Frankincense used to be more expensive than Gold, it was one of the gifts from the Three  Kings of the Orient paying homage to Jesus when he was born.  It’s been prized for thousands of years in herbal medicine.  Frankincense Inhibits 5 LO.

    1.  Dr. Safayhi H et al   Boswellia acids, novel, specific, redox inhibitors of 5-lipoxygenase.
    J. Pharmacol Exp Ther 1992 Jun:261(3)   1143-6 shows specifically a new Boswellia to inhibit 5-LO.

    2.  Dr. Ammon H.P. et al Mechanism of anti inflammatory actions of curcumina and boswellic acid. J. Ethno pharmacol
    (993 Mar; 38 (2-3):113-9

    3.  Latest research confirmation

      Dr. Huang M.T. et al Anti tumor and anti-carcinogenic activities of triterpenoid, beta-boswellic acid.  Biofactors. 2000:13:225-30 this research narrowed a specific molecule of triterpene in the boswellic acid that stops cancer.

    4.  Confirmed in the research by Dr. Jakoksson P. et al On the expression and regulation of 5-Lipoxygenses (5-LO) in human Lymphocytes.
    Proc Natl. Acad Sci USA 1992 April 15 89 (8):3521-5

    F.  SCUTTELLARIA BAICALIN – Ancient Chinese root herb that has been used to heal and tonify.

    1.  Dr. Chan et al  Research shows Induction of Apoptosis in prostate cancer cells by flavonoid baicalin.  Very prestigious Cancer letter 2000.

    G.  LICORICE- Another herb is a root used all over the world has many powerful compounds.

    1.  Nat. cancer Institute 1999 International Conference.  New compound extracted from licorice root shows antitumor activity in acute leukemia, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

    H.  GINGER - USDA Phytonutrient Database shows strong 5-LO inhibition by Ginger.  In a special standardized critical extract, Ginger demonstrated the ability to inhibit 5-LO.

    I.  PANAX GINSENG – probably the oldest and most used herb in the world as a tonic, anti-aging, and anti-fatigue.  It is also one of the most researched herbs with volumes of publication.  Shows specific activity against prostate cancer.

    1.  Dr. Liu et al Autiproliferative effect of Ginseng saponim on human prostate cancer cell live. Life Science 2000 Aug 4:67(11):1297-306 Research shows the ability of ginseng to work on interfering with 5- alpha reductase to stop production of DHT.

    2. Dr. Fahim et al  Effect of Panex Ginseng on testosterone level and prostate in Rats.  Arch Androl 1982 Jun,8 (4):261-3

    This remarkable research showed the intake of Panax Ginseng actually decreased the size and weight of the prostate while increasing testosterone level for higher libido and sexual functions.


                    1.      You really don’t have to suffer the severe pelvic pain and pain on urination

    2.      Embarrassing bathroom spectacles of having to urinate urgently but not being able to go, starts and stops, dribbles and stained underwear

    3.      Prostatic enlargement causing countless trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night with loss of sexual drive and even painful ejaculation.

    4.      No drugs and no horrible side effects.

    5.      No Surgery, no radiation and no chemotherapy.


    Thank you for sharing this time with me and Good luck my friends.  The future and your health is now in your hands.  Use it well and share your new knowledge with your friends and loved ones.

    Physician Endorses “Prostate Specialist”

    As Holistic physician with prostate problems I have taken a special interest in researching countless prostate therapies and have tried most of them without satisfactory results.  I am currently using Dr. Tai’s “Prostate Specialist”.

    The product uses some unique applications and combinations of brilliantly researched and well thought out natural remedies.  What makes Dr. Tai’s formulation stand out from the others is an original combination of ingredients based on cutting-edge scientific research that address the core physiologic and biochemical issues underlying prostate pathology. Its design, however, is also derived from an understanding of deeper principles of natural healing. It is not another “copycat formula” using the same ingredients as all the others.

    Kenneth A. Wolkoff, M.D.

    Board Certified Family Practice
    Professor, Author, & Lecturer

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