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Tips On Successful Weight Loss



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  • First I must say success comes in anything if you dedicate yourself to it and stick to it. That goes with weight loss also. Never give up on weight loss in the first week or two weeks. That is always the toughest period to get through. You are doing something "new" that your mind & body is not used to.

  • Second point I want to mention is 'mind over body'. Your body is used to getting everything it wants and when it wants it. Everytime it cries for food or a certain favorite food it gets it. It will also resist you trying to make it loss weight. We have two weight loss products that are designed to minimize that impact (One Day Diet & "Loose and Snooze"). You must still be aware of the body's plan to stay as it is. So, stay on the "Plan" outlined in these weight loss products. YOU are in charge, and not your BODY!

  • Third, get some exercise. Weight Loss products and exercise complement each other! You may have a lot of weight and/or fat to loss. Many will try (and FAIL) to only exercise the fat away. We used to be able to do this when we were in our 20's, but not any more because our metabolism and bodies have changed over the years! You ALWAYS want to supplement any exercise plan with a weight loss product that's known to be healthy in order to acheive success. Don't supplement with "fad" diets. When you start to see successful weight loss or a decrease in that flab or fat, you naturally will get excited and STAY on your plan and continue to exercise!

    Always consult with your doctor first before starting an exercise program. If you haven't exercised in years, your body is not going to like the change or is it ready for it. That's why you if you are to start walking, walk just one block the first day or two. Then increase it to a little further distance the next few days. If you are going to start jogging, walk only for the first week. Then walk, jog 1/4 block, and walk some more. Increase how far you jog the next week. Your body has to make the adjustment. (Caution: Always jog in a way to have the least impact on your legs and back. If you are experiencing leg or back pain after jogging, I recommend buying a good pair of jogging shoes and doing some reading on proper running skills.) If you are going to a gym, always start off with the lightest weight or setting possible, or the slowest speed possible on a piece of equipment. You can always increase upward from that point. Exercise not only tones and strengthens the body, but it burns FAT which again supplements the weight loss product you will be taking.

    Be aware of the mathematical concept: what's input must equal what's output. That will maintain your size. You will LOSE weight when what's going OUT is more than what's going IN! "IN" is the food you eat, which is converted to calories and fat. "OUT" is the calories and fat that your body burns off by your metabolism either naturally or with a weight loss product, and during your daily activities and with exercise. Of course this is easier said than done. I find it amusing when a greatly overweight person says or a person says about that overweight person, that "he/she has a "gland" problem. That's why they're overweight." Well, they may have a gland problem, but the truth is what's going IN his or her mouth is greater than what's going OUT. Its difficult to control the "mouth". That's why our products are especially designed to work with you and your body to make weight loss happen. The exercise factor aids in the process of increasing the "output" of calories & fat and makes you feel better and more energetic.

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